ℹ Ogłoszenie dotyczące dematerializaci akcji Spółki Dellner Frimatrail Frenoplast S.A.

Research and Development

Responding to the dynamic growth of the railway industry, the Research and Development Department of Dellner Frimatrail Frenoplast S.A. designs modern friction materials which ensure safety of railway transport under any conditions. Innovative products are developed according to market demands, starting from creating the formulation, conducting laboratory and bench tests, and ending with braking distance tests and in-service tests conducted on vehicles.

Employees of the Research and Development Department continuously enhance their qualifications through participation in postgraduate and Ph.d’s studies, training sessions, industry-specific and scientific conferences, as well as trade fairs. Dellner Frimatrail Frenoplast S.A. puts emphasis on the development of technical knowledge through publications of its employees in scientific and industry journals.

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