ℹ Ogłoszenie dotyczące dematerializaci akcji Spółki Frimatrail Frenoplast Spółka Akcyjna


Frimatrail Frenoplast S.A.

Frimatrail Frenoplast S.A. produces the composite friction materials for rail vehicles and supplies the products from a well-known manufacturer of composite friction materials for rail vehicles – company SMiOC FRENOPLAST Bułhak i Cieślawski S.A.  Due to a 30-year experience and continuous R& D activity,  FRENOPLAST brake shoes and brake pads proved in operation by domestic users as well as in Europe, Africa and Asia.

Design, production and sales of brake pads and brake blocks is performed according to ISO 9001:2008 and IRIS 02.

The company puts emphasis on the development of new products like composite brake shoes for low and high friction for passenger and freight trains and also disc brake pads to the dedicated solutions in rail vehicles. Thanks to them – the rail becomes safer and more environment-friendly.





ul. Watykańska 15
05-200 Majdan
tel/fax: +48 22 487 59 77